Laughter Heals Association

Laughter Heals Association is founded to give moral support to social groups in need of laughter in their lives by Aslı Bastıyalı, mother of Bahar who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 and recovered in 2016.
Our association believes in the healing power of laughing at difficulties and gives support to those who need to smile. We are a member of Açık Açık which is a platform of transparent and accountable associations that recognizes donors’ rights.

Our Mission
● To support individuals, especially children, who are in need of psychosocial support due to serious illnesses, traumas, and terror.
● Develop and implement community awareness projects,
● Provide free support to target groups based on their needs,
● Bring industry, government agencies, and NGOs together to work in a synergistic way in order to produce efficient results.

Our Vision
● To create a society that can take even the harsh conditions of life more easily, and laugh at things even if it’s not so funny and benefit from the healing power of laughter,
● To contribute to Turkey to become a happier and a more livable country with smiling.

Our Projects
● 6 Steps of Giving the Bad News
We have adapted the study “The right method of giving bad news to patients” published in the Oncologist Magazine to our “Six steps of giving the bad news properly” in collaboration with Psycho Oncology Association. It is about the first and most important step in the process of coping with serious diseases and is sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb. The method we share with many hospitals and physicians is used by Medical Park Hospitals in Turkey.

● Special Hygienic Play Center for Children with Cancer Treatment
It is our first big Project. Focus in our first project is to give moral support to the children who have cancer, and their relatives. Accordingly, a Hygienic Play Center is established in Istanbul, which serves children who have cancer treatment at 3-10 years of age, with a full-time kindergarten teacher and is provided with the necessary hygiene conditions. Children who have been treated for cancer can not go to school because their immunity is suppressed during their treatment, which can last for up to three years. Our two Hygienic Play Centers are in İstanbul, Altunizade (opened in 2018) and Şişli town (opened in 2019).

Hygiene inspections are performed by an impartial measurement laboratory, authorized to perform ISO Clean Room measurement. Our Hygienic Play Center has achieved ISO 7 Class in the Clean Room measurement, which is a very high level of hygiene as operating rooms are in ISO 6 and intensive care units are in ISO 7 Class. According to these results, our Hygienic Play Center is as hygienic as an intensive care unit.
Our Game Center is open between 09:00 – 18:00 Mon-Fri.

Corporate Membership Packages
Our corporate packages are special activity service packages offered to corporate companies to fund the ’Hygienic Play Center“ project of Laughter Heals Association Commercial Enterprise.

Activities of Year-End / Term Meetings

1- Team Building Activities
Memorable moments for your employers by adding the healing power of laughter through fun and useful team games, which can be diversified according to your needs and preferences.
2- Laughter Yoga
It is a unique team activity that combines laughter games with deep breathing exercises, which can make everyone laugh even if there are no any humor elements.
3- Toy Workshop
Wonderful toys made in the workshop will make children smile while socks, buttons, ribbons, fibers, and beads are flying in the air.

Join us and run for the smile of children!
Every year we run for donation that we need for out projects like opening the 1st Special Hygienic Play Center and 2nd Special Hygienic Play Center for Children with Cancer Treatment in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Altunizade Mah, Okul Sok, Altunizade Sit. A Blok, No:1/1 Üsküdar/İstanbul–Turkey

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    Cevizli Mah. Tugay yolu Cad. No 20

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